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Silverbucket is a cloud service for project resource management

It suits all organisations working on projects - regardless of the branch they operate in. With the help of a user-friendly resourcing tool, you get a clear view to the company’s resource allocations, which contributes to a better project planning and execution of projects.  

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Visibility to Project Resourcing

When the resource data is in the same place and up-to-date, it is easy to explore the resource situations of all projects, teams and persons. In Silverbucket, the resource information is visible for everyone, which enhances the transparency and openness within the organisation. Decision-making is easier when all the relevant data is available.

More Accurate Forecasting

While adding or changing resource allocations in Silverbucket, the project allocation facts get updated accordingly in real-time, which enables you to see the instant impact of your resourcing actions. In addition, Silverbucket offers many views and reports which improve your forecasting and makes it simple & smooth.


Contribution to Productivity

With Silverbucket, you are able to boost the utilization rate of your company’s human resources and simplify the resourcing activities. This releases time for relevant project work.


Attido has customer-related and internal product development, project and maintenance work. The resource planning for all these project types are made in Silverbucket since the rollout. The goals for more efficient resourcing were to improve profitability and get more satisfied employees.

The Finnish company Attido enhances work and decision making by automating everyday routine tasks and processes. Attido’s key expertise covers information system consultancy, development and optimization. Turnover is 10 million euros and the company employs more than 100 people.


Efore chose Silverbucket as their project portfolio resourcing tool. Before switching to Silverbucket Efore had a separate Excel spreadsheet for project resource planning, and a separate tool for hour reporting. The goal with Silverbucket was to improve usability and information visibility. 

Efore Group is an international company which develops and produces demanding power products. 

Stay on top of your project portfolio status:

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Get an overview on people allocations:

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These are just two sample screens from the system. After a short training you will be able to start entering your projects, people, roles and skills and allocating them in an optimal way.

The more resources and projects you have in your portfolio, the more you will appreciate the capabilities of Silverbucket to give you the perfect overview and to optimize your operation!

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